Fragrance Zoning 101

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What is fragrance zoning?

'Fragrance zoning' or 'scent-scaping' is a simple concept; each room in your home has a different purpose, so the olfactory experience in each room should compliment that. 

Scent is intrinsically linked to our memories and emotions, so its effect on our mood can be profound. Many of us spend a great deal of money decorating the visible space in our home, but scent can provide the missing piece which ties a space together in four-dimensions and really sets the tone.

By selecting the perfect fragrance for each space, we can create a 'scent landscape' that evolves as we move through our home.

How to choose the right fragrances

First, think about the mood you'd like to set in a certain space. If a room lacks warmth and you'd like it to be more cosy, opt for scents which are woody, sweet and luxurious. Notes such as tonka beans, tobacco flower, vanilla and amber add sophistication and depth to a space, perfect for living rooms and snugs.

Next, think about the practical use of a space. Bathrooms, utility rooms and laundry spaces benefit from fresh, crisp scents, which eliminate any other odours and make the space feel cleaner. Fragrances which include bright notes of citrus, or evergreen notes of pine and fir, can create a refreshing aroma without feeling clinical.

The format you choose to enjoy your scent can also make a difference; candle jars provide the dual benefit of scent and light, with a golden flickering flame that adds warmth and calm. If you'd prefer a flame-free option, reed diffusers provide a subtle, background scent to a room throughout the day. 

Our top picks

For the living room: Ambre

Ambre Candle Jar

Ambre Candle Jar: £16

Cocoon yourself in the warm, luxurious scent of tobacco flower, musk, dark honey and incense. Rounded and masculine, this fragrance adds a mature and balanced aroma to your living space.


For the bathroom: Oakmoss

Oakmoss Reed Diffuser: £26

Bring the scent of the deep forest to your bathroom, with notes of pine needle, fir trees and fresh bergamot. This earthy and clean scent is slowly released from the reeds into the atmosphere, for up to 3 months of subtle and pleasing fragrance.


For the home office: Fika

Coffee scented soy wax candle

Fika Candle Jar: £16

Stay focussed whilst working from home, as the familiar aroma of coffee beans, cream and vanilla fills the space. Reminiscent of cosy coffee shops, this fragrance is invigorating yet inviting, to help keep you in the zone.


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